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How to get a ski job in the EU after Brexit (updated July 2022)

Want to do a ski season and have a British passport? Or perhaps you don’t know if it’s still possible? Yes, it is!

Not much has changed from the update below that we posted (with thanks to Dan Fox) , however the system last year was very slow and there are hopes that this will be speeded up this ski season, however the process of applying for work visas cannot be started unti until 3 months before the contract starts. This means that from September onwards the ski companies HR/Legal departments are going to be very busy (!), many companies have started their job adverts already and they can be found HERE.

Below we have the current situation from Dan Fox at Ski Weekends

A part of my role in S.B.I.T (Seasonal Businesses in Travel) we have released this summary of what has changed to make this possible.

We are an organisation called S.B.I.T and for the past 4 years we have been raising awareness of the impacts of Brexit on UK staff “working a ski season”. We have also been working closely with the French and UK authorities to enable UK staff to continue to work a ski season in the Alps.

Up until recently, the prospects were not looking good and many ski companies were not even looking at job applications from UK staff, however, a few things have changed in the last few months which have improved the situation considerably.

First the basics

Now that the UK has left the EU, to work in France you will need a work permit and a work visa before you can enter France to work. Last year this was a very difficult, paper-based and long process The work permit had to be applied for by the UK companies that employed you, with no guarantee of success and then you needed to apply for the work visa. This was causing many UK firms to only consider staff with EU passports for ski season jobs.

Earlier this year, however, and after many meetings between SBiT and the French authorities, the application processes have been put online and in the last few weeks, several UK travel companies have already started to receive work permits for their UK winter staff.
In other words, if you are thinking about working in a French Alpine Ski resort this winter (for example as a chef, chalet host, bar staff, hotel assistant, or in a childcare role) then get applying as there are many UK companies that want to employ you.

Here is the process

  1. Apply for and secure a job with a UK Ski company
  2. Your employer will apply for a Work Permit for you, you cannot do this yourself
  3. Your employer will help you apply for your Work Visa.
  4. Start watching the snow forecasts and get excited about your season!

The process can take some time, so don’t delay applying if you want to work a ski season, there are only 3 months until the season starts.

Many of us in S.B.I.T have worked multiple winter seasons and the amazing experience of working a ski season is one we will never forget and has led to wonderful careers in the travel industry.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity while you still can.


Dan Fox is the MD/Owner of Ski Weekends