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Company Information

Company information

Alpine Elements was established in 1997 with a view to providing that ‘little bit extra’ to our guests. Every year that has passed since then, we have continued to improve the service that our guests receive and to expand our operation.

Working for us is no longer just alpine based. Whilst we still have a fantastic winter and summer alpine program, we now also have a fantastic beach club program – Ocean Elements. So whether your passion is skiing, mountain biking or windsurfing, we have something to offer everyone.

Be in your Element....

Working with us

We realise that our resort staff have been instrumental in the continued success of the company and we hand pick our staff not only for their experience but more importantly for their enthusiasm and outgoing and friendly natures to run our resorts and chalets.Subsequently we want our staff to be the best in order for us to continue to provide that ‘little bit extra’. If you feel you have what it takes and want to be part of a company that is committed to excellence then we are the company for you.We at Alpine Elements realise that hard work and commitment should be rewarded, so we will provide our seasonal staff with not only a competitive salary, but transport to and from resort, accommodation, food, branded uniform, ski equipment hire, insurance and most importantly we will provide you with training and continued support from management thus enabling you to maximize your time on the mountain or relaxing by the pool and to get the most out of your season.All applicants must possess UK/EU passport, N.I number and UK bank account.

Training with alpine elements

We provide training in a variety of ways. All of our seasonal roles are supported with a comprehensive pre season training programme which dependent upon your role can last between one to three weeks. Training for seasonal roles is always reiterated in your resort / property with a practical set up week. This will help you familiarise yourself with how your role works in your property/resort whilst familiarising yourself with the resort you have been placed in.

French and UK Office roles are supported throughout their probationary period via our extensive induction process. You can expect your manager to walk you through the key responsibilities of your role, regular face to face time with your line manager to review your progress, address any issues or concerns to ensure you are always exceeding expectations.

Do you offer further training and support in resort?

We offer further training in resort via our start of seasons objectives and resort structure.

At the start of season we will set you a defined set of objectives which match the businesses aims for the season. This way everyone in the business is contributing to the success of the business. You will know exactly what is expected of you in facts and and figures. No moving goals posts, just Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic goals within a reasonable Time Frame. We will always support you in areas where you need it and expect you to take ownership of your success by letting us know if you need further assistance.

Our Resort structure is designed to support you throughout the season. Take a Chalet Host for example; in most resorts we have a Chalet Staff Trainer whose role is to support chalet staff who require further help. Typically the Chalet Staff Trainer is a returning Chalet Host with multiple previous seasons experience. They understand the pressures of being a chalet host and will teach you the tips and tricks they have learnt to make the role more enjoyable and you successful in your role. Ultimately our training will help you deliver the level of service our guests have come to expect from Alpine Elements.

Do you offer UK and French Office staff training support?

French and UK Office roles are supported throughout their probationary period via our extensive induction process. You can expect your manager to walk you through the key responsibilities of your role, regular face to face time with your line manager to review your progress, address any issues or concerns to ensure you are always exceeding expectations.

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning is learning conducted via electronic media usually via the internet. Alpine Elements currently deliver pre-season E-learning in the form of homework via closed Facebook groups. A Great way to meet the rest of the team you will be working a season with whilst practising the skills you will need in a safe and encouraging environment.

Assessment Centres

For some of you, this may seem like a daunting prospect – and that’s normal! Going for any job interview is scary, but don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We like to think of ourselves as pretty friendly people and we’ve been told so too, so please don’t think we are here to trip you up, we really want the best out of you!

In light of all of this, we try to make the Assessment Centres as smooth and stress-free as possible, but of course there will be some challenging elements involved; after all you are at an interview! (Please also do bear this in mind when you decide what to wear for the day – we expect you to dress to impress!)

First things first, we need to make sure you are eligible to work for us – so we ask you to collect together all of your eligibility documents and bring both originals and photocopies to your assessment day. We will also provide you with all the documentation you will need to complete and the presentation you will need to prepare and deliver on the day. The day is then made up of Written, Verbal and Group exercises. All of the exercises are related to the role you are applying for, so there shouldn’t be any hidden surprises!

You will be assessed in groups of no more than 16 people, and we personally think this is great as we can really get to know you. Our assessment rooms are intimate, you will sit together and meet potential colleagues (who will turn out to be friends for life!) on your ski season. It is also an opportunity for you to ask us any questions, whether this is about the recruitment process itself and the next steps, seasonal life, resorts and our properties, right down to what equipment you will have in our chalet, we really can help!

Choosing the right resort

Alpine Elements is one of the few Ski Season Employers which offers their staff the opportunity to decide which Resort they would like to be placed in. We will discuss this with you as part of your offer of employment and state this in your contract. However, we will always need to ensure that we can deliver our guests holidays through having the right staff in each resort at All times (we call this Business Needs).

  • We will always discuss any changes to your placement with you first
  • We will always be honest with you, in our discussions about your resort placement
  • We will only ever move your resort by discussing this with you first.

How will your placement in your chosen resort benefit Alpine Elements?

You will need to consider not only why YOU want to be placed in a particular resort but why this is beneficial to the Alpine Elements? For example:

  • Do you know the resort extremely well so that this will make you more effective in your role?
  • Do you speak the local language – this will make liaising with local suppliers so much easier?
  • Do you have existing professional connections in resort?

We want to know why you stand out from the crowd when offering you the choice of your resort.

Applying with friends and partners

We love to receive applications from couples and people applying with friends, however there are  some things to consider when applying together! You will need to consider carefully:

  • Accommodation is normally same sex, shared. Whilst we do accommodate couples, in some roles, in some resorts this is not always possible!
  • Are both the roles you and your friend/partner applying for available in the resort you wish to be placed in?
  • Are you applying for roles which means one of you will be managing the other and how this might affect your personal/working relationship?

If you wish to apply with a friend or as a couple, please speak to one of our recruitment team to ensure we are aware of your requirements and can advise you of the many options available to you.

Resort personality & feel

If you haven’t done a season before then you will discover that each resort has it’s own “personality” or “feel” to it. As we have already mentioned we only operate in the best resorts within the French and Austrian Alps. In the Winter Alps we offer placements in the big names within the Three valley, Espace Killy and Portes du Soleil.

Party town ?

Whilst we understand that working a ski season is a great experience, made up of socialising with your new friends in resort, we advise you to reconsider your reason for working a ski season if this is your sole priority! We are definitely not party poopers and can party like it’s 1999 too, but we have all worked multiple seasons because of our ability to work hard and play hard. Things you may want to consider:

  • How early will I have to get up to be at work on time every day?
  • Will I have to drive in my role?
  • Is socialising more important than my job?
Chalet host cookery courses

As a Chalet Host you will be hosting, cleaning and cooking for up to 12 guests. This role is as much rewarding as it is challenging and  the best way to prepare for this role is to either complete a Chalet Cookery Course.

Alpine Elements works closely with the top Chalet Host Cookery Schools and Courses in the UK to ensure they will prepare you for the role of Chalet Host. For your peace of mind the following cookery Schools are visited on a regular basis to ensure their standards of tuition will prepare you for the role and we even back this up with guaranteed interviews for students booked on to, or who have completed any of the courses listed here.

Each Chalet Host Cookery School or Course lists Alpine Elements as an employer of choice and through our close relationship with the schools and courses below we are the only UK Employer to offer course discounts for students wishing to book on to the courses listed below.

Click here to find out more

Picking the right role for you

When recruiting for each role we are looking for candidates that have previous experience of performing the role they are applying for. For example, when reviewing CV’s of applicants for a chalet host role we are looking for previous experience in a cleaning job, a hosting or waiter/ess role and of course previous experience of cooking – for example, through extensive experience in a catering job. We call this Qualified By Experience (QBE).

In the example of the Chalet Host; Cleaning, Waiting on / Hosting and Cooking are the core skills you will need (we refer to them as competencies). By ensuring you have the Core Competencies for the role for which you are applying, the better you will be at your job, the better service you will deliver to our guests and importantly, the quicker you will be at your job and the more free time you will have to enjoy your season.

Professional Qualifications

You can also qualify through study programmes such as Further Educational college or Vocational courses. Studying for your city and Guilds 701 & 702 or your NVQ level 1,2 or 3 in Professional Cooking at Catering College is a good example of gaining the required qualifications to pass through our screening process. Many of our Hotels staff come from established, well recognised Further Educational colleges each year. We are able to offer placement students from such courses career development opportunities and the chance to cross train in other departments. We have established schemes with Further Educational Colleges and are always on the look out for new schools to work with.

The Right Stuff

We understand that getting experience can be a catch 22 scenario. How do you gain the experience if you’re never given the opportunity? The answer is simple. We are always on the look out for those shinning stars that possess skills that we simply cannot train. Candidates with;

  • A Positive and Professional Manner
  • A “Can do Attitude”
  • Results Driven
  • Customer Centric
  • Empathic
  • The ability to learn from their mistakes and take ownership for their decisions
  • Can adapt to a culture of sharing successes and failures so we can all learn and move forward together as a team
  • Will adapt easily to fit in with the existing Alpine Elements team.
It's your decision

Finally, ask yourself why you want to do a season? We understand this is an experience and that working overseas can be an exciting prospect. However you will be committing to hard work, long hours and it will be YOU delivering the guest service! Make sure this decision is right for you and that the role is one you are: capable of performing, will commit to and see through to the end.

If all this sounds like sound advice and your still excited about doing a season then complete the application form for your chosen role and send us your CV – we can’t wait to meet you.

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