How cool is cool ?

So you wanted the coolest job in the mountains , how about being a ski or snowboard instructor ?

spend the winter deep in the pow !

One great way to spending seasons in the powder is to hook up with an instructor school and spend the winter tweaking your skills and learning the ways of the mountain. Canada can offer a great way to kick start your instructor career and enable you to spend up to 5 months having the time of your life plus learning skills that can go on to be a lifetime  on the slopes.

There are several companies offering you the chance to live the dream , we spoke to Steve at The Wintersports Company over a beer at the ski show , Steve and his wife run this great little company and can give you the chance to make a start on the coolest of cool ski jobs  , with packages from 3 to 18 weeks , with accommodation , food and lift pass all included  ( plus your flights and transfers) , you can spend 5 hours a day  in lessons and push yourself hard to become a level 3 .. or take a more leisurely approach ..either way this could be the start of something big for you .