Shreds advice to budding seasonaires

It all started on a ski lift. To be honest when does it not!

We have been Snowsports heads for as long as I can remember, having done seasons and university Snowsports (completely loved it) but the time was nearing when university was coming to an end and we would have to start making some ‘adult decisions’ worryingly soon. However, even more pressing than that was, how the hell were we going to get on the slopes next year?

It was quickly decided that returning to family holidays was simply not an option but in reality nothing else seemed to fit. We wanted something, rowdy and social that let us enjoy the mountains first lifts until last orders. The mountain festivals looked amazing but completely out of budget and the thought of sleeping on seasonaires friends sofas wasn’t exactly scalable.

Thus, Shreds was born. Based on the university model we wanted to create a community of riders that united skiers boarders and bar supporters for ski weeks in the alps and events back here in the UK.

Since that chairlift we have recruited two more into the business the first is Henry (a long-time friend from university) who manages all things Shred Ski Week.  It has been an absolute tornado since then and we won’t even talk about the lack of sleep – but it has been an amazing journey. We can now take you skiing for just £299, for accommodation, lift pass and a basic events wristband which I really think is testament to everyone’s hard work. Sound too good to be true, check out for more info.

We also managed to bring on board our main man Xander Seddon, who alongside being an incredible DJ in his own right is well versed in the alpine events scene. He is in charge of organising our parties (yes that’s a real job). In fact we would love to see as many friendly faces down at our festival on November 17th. We are building a rail jam, in a brewery HQ, in Zone 1 London – plus inviting a load of our friends down for a full day of good music, cold pints and pop-up shops. Oh and there is an afterparty of course – check it out and buy tickets HERE.


Before we started Shreds we were out in the mountains and have over 10 years seasons experience, ranging from Austria – New Zealand, Canada – Greece.  So in partnership with Cool ski jobs, we sat down scratched our heads and came up with our 3 most important bits of advice for surviving your first season as a chalet host!

1. Get your hands dirty

As seasonaires you will find yourself doing almost everything regardless of your job title. If you are precious, find another job. You will soon be scrubbing toilets, clearing up sick, building tennis courts and painting rooms all on a healthy hangover. Muck in and pull your weight, people quickly loose respect for you if you’re not a team player but on the flip side if you can help another department you will get so much more in return. Oh and one tip, buy a multi-tool: anything you can fix yourself will put you in maintenance’s good books (and that’s the best place to be) at the end of the day they aren’t paid to change lightbulbs or replace hoover bags.

2. Be resourceful

If you are in it for the money, stay at home. Less than £300pcm is what I got for my first season job – and while it does vary between companies and roles you are never going to become a millionaire. With that in mind, never pay full price for anything. Ever.  It goes back to, help others and they will help you – it’s a motto we still live by today on the other side of the fence. Ski service, meals, gear, beer there are seasonaires rates for everything as long as you make friends in the right places. Use the training weeks before the guests arrive to go out and meet other workers to make sure they know your face and who to serve when the bar is rammed.

In addition use what is at hand. Yes you may have to lower your standards; but shower gels, deodorants (please god not roll on) and toilet rolls, think about what guests are leaving behind that you can still make use of and save money. It’s great, you smell different every week and it saves you a shit ton of money.  

3.At the end of the day remember where you are

Even if you master the routine there will still be days when you want to curl up in a ball and die. Ill, poor, malnourished and fucking grumpy you will hate everyone and everything – especially guests. When this happens just take a moment to step back and realise where you are. You are paid to play in one of the most stunning locations in the world. I have lived in 5* hotels and by the most stunning mountains/ beaches with everything on your doorstep. Oh and you are living there for free. That feeling of appreciation never dies away and sometimes it pays to remember that  “My job is better than your holiday”.


But most of all, just enjoy it. Even having this conversation we are incredibly jealous of you all! In the meantime, come down and see us on the 17th to stock up on last min winter essentials. We would love to grab a beer and answer any questions you may have about seasons – Shred Ski is always willing to help.  

Who knows maybe one day we will see you on one of our ski weeks!

Ben (on behalf of the whole Shred Ski team)