Top 5 tips when applying for a job

Top 5 tips

Top Tip number 1

Prepare your CV

The writing of CVs has changed dramatically over the years, no longer do you need to list page after page of work/life experiences. For a typical ski season job you also don’t need to heavily focus on your educational qualifications either.

In fact the real skill is to get your CV noticed in the first 15 seconds that a prospective employer spends looking at it!

So, think about what job you are applying for with this CV and tailor your wording to what the employee is looking for.

Then get the CV proof read by someone, because even if you have spell checked it there could well be some grammatical errors. If you are reusing last year’s version then ensure the dates are all correct.

Top Tip number 2

Think about the job you are applying for

Have you really got the skills to take you to the hills? If the job says Chalet Chef then don’t apply unless you can prove you can cook for up to 14 guests, we are talking a three course meal from scratch with canapes here .. not knocking out sandwiches at the cricket pavillion.

But also think of the skills and experience that you may have but automatically consider would be an advantage in the mountains. For example if you have retail experience and have a solid skiing background then potentially working in a ski hire shop could work.

Nothing will annoy a potential employer if you haven’t read the job requirements properly and that includes minimum ages plus if a company requires UK national insurance / bank etc .

Top Tip number 3

Consider your online presence !

Trust me, a potential employer will spend 10 minutes googling you if they think you have potential. If you put on your CV that you are a non-smoker and your facebook profile is you toking away then expect your CV to go straight in the rubbish bin. This may seem really harsh but there is a TON of competition out there and when someone is looking for their next employee it can be the smallest thing that makes you lose the opportunity.

Also lets think about your email address , you may have thought is cool when you got F***[email protected] etc but when that email lands in the inbox what will a prospective boss think ? I would advise setting another one up for your application process.

Top Tip number 4

Prepare for the interview

Nothing says you don’t care more than if you rock up ill prepared for the interview. You should bear in mind that your future employer may have spent time and money flying back from the Alps to hold interviews. Do your research before, it’s pretty simple to look up the company and find out about them for example:

  • Which resorts do they operate in
  • How big is the company
  • Are you meeting the owner , if so research their history too

Arrive with plenty of time to spare, public transport and hold ups can scupper your chance of a job so ensure you get there 30 minutes before .. BUT my advice would be to wait either in a cafe nearby etc until 15 mins before interview time.

Arrive appropriately dressed for the job/company and ensure you bring any relevant documents you may need (sample menus/proof of driving qualifications etc).

Top Tip number 5

Aim high but not necessarily the dream !

Whilst we would all like to get the creme de la creme of jobs in the Alps, you may be best advised to look for a job that you know you can do and do well. This will get you the opportunity to be out in resort for the winter gaining experience and nothing looks better on that CV than EXPERIENCE !

As the seasons go on you will find yourself applying for the positions you dreamed of a few years previous and generally loving life when you get that DREAM JOB !

So good luck and what are you waiting for ? .. Get searching for your next job HERE