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How to get a job in a ski resort

Cool Ski Jobs is here to help you all the way from deciding on what you want to do for the winter  to getting ski job , having a ski pass in your hand and hitting the slopes.

Finding your ideal job in a ski resort is not down to luck , with 19 seasons experience in the Alps we know a thing or two about working out here and how to get the best jobs.

Here is your top 10 checklist to getting that ski season job

  1. Apply for the right ski job for you , dont just hit apply now on every job
  2. Read the job descriptions to ensure that your time and the recruiters time is not wasted
  3. Research the resort you want to work in , you dont want to end up somewhere that just doesn’t suit you
  4. Prepare your CV , make it look professional , concise , well presented and tailored to the job
  5. At your interview arrive on time, well presented, have two copies of your CV , and smile
  6. Attend next weeks ski show in London, arm yourself with CV’s and speak to every stand
  7. Give us a shout out with the #coolskijobsbattersea and we will point you in the direction of companies with ski jobs
  8. Keep an eye on all social media , lots of ski season jobs come out via Twitter , Facebook and even Instagram
  9. Once you have applied on cool ski jobs you are added to our job alert list , so you will get all the jobs as they are added
  10. You can always book a cheap early season ski holiday, or an easyjet return flight and most of all give yourself a chance in resort.Go armed with pre-printed CVs and get yourself known around resort .

So some wise words there on how you can get a ski job in the alps , good luck and let us know how you get on via the links below