mid-season blues

If you have got the mid-season blues then read on

So by round about this time of the ski season you are just about sick of the following :

  • queueing for lifts with all the french kids on holiday
  • cooking the same menu week in – week out
  • your boss (!)
  • not having any clean clothes
  • the same shifts
  • listening to the same old stories round the dinner table in the chalet
  • I could go on and ON … but then that would only depress you

But on the other hand lets think about what is left of the ski season

  • lifts are open later …. so your days off a way better plus you can squeeze an extra half hour in the park before work !
  • Spring snow is just the best ,chase it around the mountain all day long but be careful
  • the suns gonna come out ,honest
  • picnic time on the slopes ,time to fill a backpack with wine cheese n bread and head to a sunny spot on the hill
  • Apres bands start playing out on the terraces !! bring your own folie douce to life in resort
  • Start thinking about the summer ,where are you going ? Greek islands / Ibiza etc ,or are you heading for another winter down under ?
  • It’s a great time to be thinking about next years job, make sure you register at Cool Ski Jobs for job alerts !
  • End of ski season parties are just round the corner ,just dont hold one in your chalet if you have just completed the end of season deep clean .
  • La Tania charity day is coming too , so if you are in or near the three valleys get ready for the biggest booze up of the winter
  • once we have all packed our bags and found our way back home then The London Apres Party is the next best thing !

So chin up you lot , there are worse places to be working in life and trust me, the second its all over you will be craving for it to start again, don’t wish it all away, just enjoy the last 6 weeks and stay safe !


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