Greek Summers & Chilly Winters

Summers in Greece …winter in the Alps


What do you do when the winter season comes to an end ?

St Pauls Bay The winter season came to an end and you thought what to do … this is not a guidebook to how to live your life , just a brief snapshot into what some of us do to make ends meet before the snow starts falling !

Here I am in Lindos (Rhodes) tapping this out on the trusty Coolskijobs laptop , begging and borrowing both Wifi and accommodation off an old friend who quite conveniently happens to run Exclusively Lindos  , which just goes to prove that seasons lead to lasting friendship ( it was Corfu’95).

As some of you may know we at Cool Ski Jobs have 19 ski seasons behind us and that left a huge 19 summer gap , which we filled with working in bars / repping / owning cafes & bars on the Greek islands …whilst grafting away in the summer months our minds were always thinking of the coming winter and the first snowflakes !

Winter ski job in AustriaTo emphasis this point I bumped into an old buddy in the heart of Lindos village who introduced to me a weathered looking chap, who it turns out spends his winters as a ski instructor in the Kitzbuhel Red Devils (plus a fair bit of washing up in a hostel for free beer & food ) and to top it all,he whiles his summer away as a water-ski instructor on Rhodeswater-ski instructor in greece

… now if you are thinking of doing a ski season and your Mum/Dad/teachers etc tell you to be sensible and get a real job as there is no future in the “Season thing” … don’t listen to them !

Live your life and enjoy it …after all ,Karen on went to do one summer in 1986 and I am sat in her office in Lindos right now !

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