Summer skiing

What to do in the summertime

What do you think of in the summertime ?

So its summer (well it was 25C in Hemel today ! ) an all thoughts go to one of a few options :

  • get a job for next winter
  • book a flight to somewhere hot and stay for 5 months
  • head down under for more snow
  • work ass off in UK to bum next winter
  • starting working out what you are gonna do til it starts snowing ??

Well snow is falling in the Alps big time so here’s a little pic to make you smile .. if only you was in Courch!

Powder skiing in Courchevel

So if its looking that good , then what is it like up in Tignes for the summer , well its had snow and there is a fair amount stockpiled up from the end of last winter

summer skiing in tignes


So if you are heading South for sun … have a blast … if you are in the greek Islands tweet us on @coolskijobs   .. it would be good to catch up over an Ouzo !

The live Job-Board is coming soon and we need you coolskijobbers to spread the word .. get your buddies to join the gang and sign up here .


Enjoy the summer , ‘cos winter is coming .


Cheers from Boiling Hemel !


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