Head chef ski restaurant

Head Chef positions in ski resorts and what to expect

Head Chef positions in ski resorts and what to expect
Head Chef Ski Resort

Ski Chalet / Hotels

If you want to spend the winter in the Alps and have  a career in catering then a Head chef position could be ideal for you . Most companies may require a Head chef to run busy kitchens in larger ski chalets or hotels and this requires a strong team member with management capabilities.Working in the ski chalet / hotel business may give you a more structured week and definitely mean that you get more time out on the slopes . Generally your kitchen will be required provide breakfast , afternoon tea and then a three course dinner , possibly lunches too .

Head chef in Independent restaurants and bars

If you want to flex your head chef muscles a little more then working in the independent sector will give you more freedom on menus and ingredients . Head chef ski restaurantWhile you will not necessarily be preparing early breakfasts for guests , you need to be ready to work standard chef shifts with several split shifts per week and not leaving the kitchen until late night. Be prepared to be fully responsible for GP’s and orders along with kitchen shifts and HACCP.

Head Chef benefits

Of course as a Head chef your job will have some great plus points , if you can organise yourself then a split shift becomes a ski shift ! Along with time on the slopes and being able to have a few beers after your shift you can take great pride in a successful kitchen and busy restaurant . Most ski companies will provide lodging , ski pass , food and ski hire , however in the independent market you can expect to get a better wage but may need to source accommodation and ski pass/equipment yourself .

What to do next to get a Head chef job

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