ski chalet chef

How to get a ski season job as a ski chalet chef

Working as a ski chalet chef and what you need to know

Having great chef and kitchen skills can take you all over the world , what better place to spend a winter than running your kitchen as a ski chalet chef.

Ski companies are always on the look out for an experienced chef/cook to cater for their guests. From hearty wholesome food to top quality restaurant style cuisine. This role can be pivotal to the whole success of the guests customers so you will be at the very heart of the guests holiday.

Key responsibilities as a ski chalet chef

You will have to be up bright and early , quite often this can even mean digging your way into the ski chalet if there has been a lot of snow overnight ! The bread would generally have been delivered by the local bakery so that needs to be brought in and then you will be expected to get breakfast started.

ski chalet chef breakfastMost ski chalet companies will expect a hot option for their guests.This  can range from scrambled eggs to a full English breakfast , so this along with cereals / boiled eggs and porridge will be most of the guests starter for the day.

During breakfast is the best time to get started with the cake for afternoon tea and any prep for the evening. The more you do during breakfast the more time you can squeeze out on the slopes .

Once your guests have had a great breakfast its time to get tidied up. Lay out your afternoon tea and then if you are prepped enough ( and only you can tell ) why not head out onto the slopes .

ski chalet chef dinnerAfter a hard day on the slope its time to get back in the kitchen. Hopefully your ski chalet team will have helped clear up the afternoon tea and will be setting up the table for dinner. It is worth remembering that the guests have had a hard day out on the slopes. They may have stopped for a few apres-ski drinks in the bars so they will be looking forward to a great meal and this is your time to shine .

Try to remember that as a ski chalet chef you start the day for the guests so you are setting them up for a great day. At the end of a great day on the slopes you top it all off .

Key things to remember as a ski chalet chef

You will be responsible for all stock control,adhering to companies health and safety protocol. You will be ordering in your deliveries from butchers & bakers.

This is a demanding job, generally a better paid position, it can lead to spending seasons out in the Alps.

When applying for a ski chalet chef job have a really good read through the job description .

Good luck and have a great season.