packing for ski job

What to pack for your ski resort job

What to pack for your ski job

The mountains are calling and the ski season is upon us. Now that you’ve gotten excited about your new ski resort job through Cool Ski Jobs, you need to get started on packing. Remembering all the things you need can be tricky. Of course you know you need to stay warm from the snow, but there are some things you may not even realise are important. We’ve decided to help you with your ski resort job packing list.

Buy a French Sim Card

You’re going to need to be able to stay in contact. From keeping in touch with your friends and family back home to being able to stay in contact with your new boss at the resort, to simply being able to make all the calls you need in France, you need to be sure your phone works. While there are ways to use a UK number in France, purchasing a French sim card will make things that much easier.

Keep your hands warm with hand warmers

The Alps are cold. You’ll need to keep from freezing out there. Reusable hand warmers are the ultimate must-have. Heat them up before using and stick them in your pockets, gloves or boots to keep your hands and feet warm while out on the slopes. Be sure to bring enough that you can put a couple in your gloves and two more in your boots for the ultimate comfort. At the end of the day, just take them out and they’ll be ready for use again the next day

Take adaptors with you

Moving to a different country means you need to be able to make sure you can plug in all your electronics. Check out what kinds of plugs and voltages you’ll need in France and buy accordingly. We advise you to bring more than one of the same adapter to plug in more than one item at once, and we also advise you to bring different adapters, in case you travel elsewhere at the end of your stay at the resort.

Apply that moisturiser

Spending long days in the mountains can lead to some dry skin. The weather is typically cold and, well, dry, and if you don’t have some sort of cream or moisturizer for your hands, it can be uncomfortable. On the same note, your lips may also become dry and chapped, so we suggest you remember plenty of chapstick as well.

Slip Slap Slop

Sunscreen? In the winter? Yes! If you’re working on the slopes, or even just out in the snow frequently, you can actually get a sunburn! It can be easy to not realize this can happen, between the cold weather and occasional cloudy days. The sun reflects off the snow’s shiny surface and create a pretty mean glare. That glare, combined with the fact that the sun is stronger at a higher altitude, means you can get yourself a pretty nasty burn out there on the slopes.  

Pack your dictionary

Parlez vous Francais? Remember, you’re moving to a country that speaks a different language. While you’ll surely encounter many English speakers, you’ll probably also find many who don’t speak. Tackle that language barrier with a good dictionary to look up words quickly. You can also find many books of easy phrases for when you need to ask for directions or order food and aren’t quite sure what to say.

Smile .. strike a posegopro footage in courchevel

It’s not every day you’re in the French Alps. Consider bringing a nice camera with you so you can capture the beauty of the snow-capped mountains. A GoPro is the perfect camera for your trip. Take one of these adventure-ready cameras down the slopes with you for unique pictures and videos of your adventures. Plus, your friends and family back home will love seeing your videos and photos at the end of the season.

Box set heaven

You’ll probably have a fair amount of downtime, and in a ski resort, it might be difficult to get out and into the town. Make sure your watch list on Netflix is fully stocked with your favorite shows and movies to fill up your free time. Or, you can brush up on your French and check out what’s popular on France’s Netflix.


If this has got you thinking about life in the Alps then head over to Cool Ski Jobs and apply online !