What makes the best seasonnaires?

Around the end of summer, recruitment for ski seasons really hits fever pitch. University graduates think about gap years, returning seasonnaires come to the end of their summer jobs and plans for the winter are hatched en masse. But how do you know you have what’s needed to be the best ski seasonnaire?…


Seasonnaires are the foundation of Skiworld

Over the years we’ve been very fortunate to have so many exemplary members of staff throughout our resort teams during winters in the mountains. Both first-time seasonnaires and multiple-season veterans have proven themselves in some very difficult conditions, not least the 2017/18 season with its record-breaking snowfall made working life pretty tricky at times to say the least. When the hardest challenges were levelled at us, we saw the quality of our staff come to the fore. Their residual energy supplies were released like Adrenalin, seasonnaire auto-pilots were turned off and superhuman acts of ‘going the extra mile’ became as commonplace as a baguette on a chalet breakfast table. To put it simply, our staff are our foundation.


Seasonnaire qualities, skills and traits

It got us thinking… What are these qualities that beset our incredible seasonnaires? How do we keep getting so lucky with such amazing people joining the Skiworld ranks? And could we figure out the secret formula to find more of these people, or better yet, teach mere mortals the mysteries of ‘The Skiworld Way’? In a kind of snow-covered Dr Frankenstein spin-off, we came up with the following parts-list:


11 things that make the best ski seasonnaire

1. A team player who is always willing to help

2. Someone who possesses an infectious zest for life

3. Welcoming affability; someone who’s door is always open

4. A person who strives and isn’t afraid to try, fail and try again in the quest to achieve their goals, no matter how small or large

5. Adventurous and boundless energy, with a desire to explore the furthest boundaries of, and exceed their comfort zone

6. Enthusiasm to live in the mountains and make the most of everything the lifestyle can offer

7. Personality that’s full of initiative and ideas to improve professionally, from individual, team and company perspectives

8. A natural motivator of people who will always look to encourage

9. Clear communication; willing to both listen and learn just as much as imparting their knowledge on others

10. Someone with the flexibility to tackle any individual task with a positive can-do attitude for the betterment of the team

11. And finally, most importantly… A dab hand with a snow shovel!


A ski season job could change your life

One thing that has changed a lot over the years is how employers view a ski season on a CV. In the past there was a perception that a ski season was just a bit of a doss for 6 months. A time to let your hair down and forget responsibilities. Times change.

Now a ski season is looked at more favourably by a whole host of employers – not just those in the hospitality or the tourism industry. The beauty of the range of skills our seasonnaires learn,  develop and hone, is that they are all transferable. Dealing with pressurised situations in a calm manner, communicating efficiently to a range of different people or maintaining a ‘can-do’ attitude in the face of adversity are just three examples of skills that being a seasonnaire allows you to perfect.

At Skiworld we want our staff to be able to effectively promote these skills as they look forward in their careers, so we help them do just that. In our CV Workshops towards the end of the season we teach our staff how to contextualise their ski season experiences verbally for interview and translate them onto their CVs in preparation for their futures.


Are you a Skiworld seasonnaire in the making? If the answer is “yes”, or if you know someone who is, we want to know about it! Get in touch with our recruitment team today


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Thanks to Skiworld for the guest blog 🙂